Handmade By Faith

Our products are made in small batches using natural and organic ingredients.  Why?  Because we want you to have quality products that are always blended by faith and love.  Enjoy.  

About Spa 2911

Whipped Butter Creme

A rose by any other name

Ahhh... Relief

Blended with Comfrey Root, Niaouli, Cypress to sooth your body.

Lavender Love

Treat Yourself

Living a 2911 Life

PRESENCE  - a moment with God

PRESENCE - a moment with God

There's a moment in worship when you feel the presence of the Holy Spirit fall in the room. For me it's akin to sunlight shining through an open wi...
What's Next? - Living Through the Rat Race

What's Next? - Living Through the Rat Race

Wake up, work, eat, rush, move, sleep. Repeat. Everyday we move through life with a hectic expectancy of "What's Next?"  Never really understanding...
Rise and Smile - Lifting Your Spirits in the Midst of It All

Rise and Smile - Lifting Your Spirits in the Midst of It All

The future is not ours to worry about, it is ours to follow, a path that we should walk, but we do have the power to live life full of joy and happiness.  Its a choice.  If I could see the candidates I would tell them this:  If you win, you win, if you loose, you loose.

Ingredient Spotlight : Honey

Honey helps hydrate skin; its antioxidants will repair skin and protect it against oxidative and environmental damage.

Ingredient Spotlight : Comfrey Root

Comfrey roots and leaves have been known to provide natural healing properties for a variety of ailments due to the high allantoin content which makes cells grow.

Ingredient Spotlight : Organic Sugar

The base of all our scrubs is organic sugar. We love it because it exfoliates without being overly abrasive. Plus sugar has the added benefit of being a natural humectant, and is more hydrating to your skin.