The Healing Power of Comfrey

During a show this summer I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful young lady who stopped by for our signature hand massage.  During the course of her time with us we had the opportunity to pray, and talk about her fight against Lupus.  Lupus is an illness that I am very familiar with, my mother suffered for years (misdiagnosed at first) with Lupus, and her brother too was diagnosed.  I have had other friends and family members over the years who have been stricken with this often debilitating dis-ease.

While we were talking The Holy Spirit put on my heart to make a product especially for her and those who were suffering with aches and pains in their joints and muscles.  I agreed, and told her that I had to pray about what to make, but would send something by mail.

Comfrey Root Benefits Include:

  • Scratches
  • Rash (including diaper rash)
  • Bug bites 
  • Shallow wounds
  • Eases pain from arthritis, muscle aches, and soreness


I kept hearing comfrey.  Thinking I was maybe not hearing clearly, I kept moving forward, praying and waiting.  One day while in the shower I heard the Spirit as clear as day say, "LOOK UP COMFREY!" Well I am so please that I did, in my research I was amazed to find out about all the wonderful healing properties of the comfrey plant.

Comfrey roots and leaves have been known to provide natural healing properties for a variety of ailments due to the high allantoin content which makes cells grow faster. 


    What an amazing and wonderful plant! So out of this we blended a new Joint Relief Balm.  It brings us joy to have a product that is blended with wonderful ingredients like comfrey infused olive oil, niaouli oil, ginger root and other natural ingredients.  Thank you God for such an awesome natural healer!