No Sad Stories - Loving Through the Pain

“When you feel you have nothing to give…you always have something to give” – Mother Lawson

Mother Lawson was a wife, mother of six, evangelist, and survivor and prayer warrior. She spent her life being devoted to her husband – a former pastor who infected her with AIDS. However, the remarkable story comes from what Mother Lawson did in the midst of fighting for her life after receiving her AIDS diagnosis. She continued to care for her dying husband, and all the while continuing her ministry of giving.

Luke 6:28 says “Bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.”
We think about this as it relates to minor things, someone curses at you, or takes something from you. Small things we feel that we could forgive. But can you forgive someone giving you a terminal illness? How do you love on them the way God has asked us too? This would require a tremendous amount of faith and love.

After sitting down with her and hearing the details during our interview a week later, I felt tears well in my eye but…

No Sad Stories.

You see Valarie’s passion and love for sharing her mothers story to others to encourage them to be tested and not take their health for granted is inspiring. But what is even more inspiring is that she has founded No Sad Stories Ministries. She is now opening the No Sad Story HIV/AIDS Support Center on Rock Hill, SC this December. On December 10, 2016 No Sad Stories Ministries will have their Formal gala Fundraiser for the Support Center.

Strength, love and wisdom can be generational. Lessons learned from your ancestors can become amplified in years to come. When I met Valarie Laverne Lawson-Watkins, her mother’s story touched my heart, and I asked her if she would be willing to share her story with my readers. Her strength and faith mirror her mothers. The legacy of Mother Lawson lives on in her children, and the best story is their continued passion to share their mother’s message of love and forgiveness.

Mother Lawson continues to give even in death – through her story she gives hope to those who have faced HIV/ AIDS diagnosis, and those who have to learn to live and love like Christ, even through adversity.

Thank you Mother Lawson, and thank you Valarie.

For more information, on how to purchase the book No Sad Story or how to donate to the No Sad Stories HIV/AIDS Support Center visit or email