Spa 2911 Lavender Fields Whipped Butter Creme

Spa 2911 Lavender Fields Whipped Butter Creme

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Think of walking through beautiful fields of lavender while you run your fingers across the tops of the flowers.  You pick a spot and lay in the midst of the beauty and fragrant field.  Relaxed?  Well then you will love the Lavender Fields Whipped Butter Creme.  This light whipped butter will leave your skin smooth to the touch without a greasy feeling.  Perfect used alone, or after using your favorite Spa 2911 Sugar Body Scrub.  Blended with shea butter, coconut oil, kokum butter, mango butter and other natural oils.

Pairs perfectly with Touch Sugar Body Scrub 


Spa 2911 products are hand blended by faith in small batches.  We use natural and organic ingredients to provide the freshest products possible to from our studio to your home.  Our collection of sugar body scrubs, body butter cremes, candles and other home and spa products are Divinely Inspired.  

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